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About "Bo"

Bobby “Bo” Freeman was raised in Fort Mill, SC with a drive and passion for hunting. As a young child, at the age of 2, Bo could be found sitting inside the antlers of a big buck that his dad had harvested. Sitting in the stands with his parents at the age of 4, and harvesting his first deer alongside his mom at the age of 6. Over time Bo became an avid hunter with determination, passion, and a drive for the great outdoors. Now at the age of 31, Bo has become a husband to his beautiful wife Chelsea and a loving father to his twin boys, Hunter Lee and Holden Trace. As to be expected, Bo’s children have the same drive for hunting as he did as a young boy. Both boys harvested their first deer at the age of 5 with a crossbow. As many outdoorsmen do, Bo works full time at a family business to support his family and enjoys his passion for the outdoors which grows stronger as the years go by.. With time restraints, it can be hard to maintain feeders on hunting properties while trying to keep attractants out while keeping the deer coming into the stand on a regular basis. Mechanical tripod feeders are not a good option as they are known to scare and/or spook game away; especially large and mature bucks. With years of outdoor experience and a lot of thought on how to improve hunting practices, Real Wood Productions was established.



Bo and his partner developed the feeding system known as The Log Trough. With a patent-pending, the gravity game feeder is in a category all its own. Blending in with the natural surroundings, absolutely noise-free, and a natural look for a food source, this will keep the game coming back to “the Log Trough” for more. Trail cam footage of The Log Trough is proof that food seeping from a log is the best way to attract game. On day 4 of the initial prototype being placed in the field, pictures began to flow in of deer feeding at this innovation. With a feeling of accomplishment, we knew we had developed a feeder that gives the hunter a way to manage their hunting locations with ease and a way to save time. The Log Trough comes in a variety of tree bark and colors to best suit the hunter's surroundings along with the capacity to hold 200 pounds of feed, and yet, lightweight for easy placement. The feeder comes fully assembled and ready to use straight from the box. Realwood Productions is proud to introduce the most realistic, durable, easy to manage feeder on the market today. Remember ... Why put a feeder in the woods that looks like a feeder when you can put a feeder in the woods that looks real; The Log Trough by Realwood Productions “We Keep It Real”.

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